Preah Monivong National Park known as Bokor National Park located in Teuk Chhou District, Kampot province. It is 1,075-metre high above sea level and about 11 kilometres from kampot town to the foot of the mountain and 32 kilometres from the foot to the cloudy peak. Bokor Mountain was found by the French in 1917 and developed into a resort in 1921. It was the famous summer escape for the French elites and royal family.

Bokor National Park is one of Cambodia's most beautiful and most mystical national parks. It is popular for its cool mountain climate and remains a year-round favourite amongst locals and foreigners. It offers a breathtaking view from the hill top overlooking Cambodian coastal line and many beautiful offshore islands. The park consists of misty tropical jungles sprawling over mountains teeming with wildlife, fresh mountains streams and waterfalls. Bokor National Park is a place for ride, scenery, cool mountain air, adventure, and relaxation.

Did you know?

  • Preah Monivong National Park known as Bokor National Park was established by Royal decree in 1993 and is one of only two Cambodian ASEAN Heritage Parks. The park covers an area of 1,400 km2
  • Bokor Mountain is part of the Elephant Mountain range. "Bokor" in Khmer means the hump of an ox, this is due to the shape of Bokor Mountain does resemble the hump of an ox!
  • The resort was built with completion of school, post office, church services and entertainment complex called "Le Bokor Palace". "Le Bokor Palace" was a casino hotel built for French social elites who were very wealthy travelled often for leisure. Bokor Mountain was regarded as high end and top destination to reach and was very famous for its well-known "freezing" weather in Cambodia ranging from 15°C to 25°C and sometime drop down to 10°C. To enjoy the leisure, in the 1950s and 1960s, King Norodom Sihanouk and Cambodian elites also chose this locale as a summer retreat.
  • You can enjoy whole year round of greenery and peacefulness at Bokor Mountain. The best time to visit Bokor is between November to February. You may experience "wet and cold" if you visit Bokor between June to September.
  • In 1950s, there was a Tea Farm set up by Japanese. It is located at the east side of Thansur Sokha Hotel and takes about 5 minutes to reach the place.
  • Thansur Sokha Hotel is the latest inclusive hospitality division of the largest hotel operator chain Sokha Hotels & Resort under mother company Sokimex and the largest mountain top resort in Cambodia which 70% of its employees are from Kampot.