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Sokha Hotels & Resorts now employs over 3,000 staff in Cambodia. We focus on continuing training and developing our employees to ensure the availability of well qualified people to meet our growing needs. The extensive process of employee’s development and training incorporates with all aspects of human resources management, from the practice of sound personnel policies and procedures ensure to strengthen our human resources ability and offer everyone to advance both personally and professionally. Besides the opportunity in career growth, we also provide competitive salary and fringe benefits.


Property Name: Sokha Beach Resort
Job Title: Chief Security (Apply Online)
Job Location: Sihanouk Ville

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maximum size upload 5M (jpg, png & pdf)


  • Sex: Male
  • At least 5 years’ experience in security functions.
  • Age: 25 years old or above.
  • At least high school diploma.
  • Good command of English both spoken & written.
  • Good knowledge of computer skill: word, excel, Power Point, and internet & E-mail.
  • Good communication skill, self-motivation, and leadership skill.
  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
  • Has knowledge of internal rule and regulation.
  • Honesty and integrity
  • A reasonable level of physical fitness
  • The confidence to challenge people when necessary.
  • The ability to write the short report of any incident and general situation happen around the hotel premise.
  • The ability to work with technical equipment such as CCTV, Fire fighting equipment.
  • Pleasant personality, positive attitude & service oriented



  • Reports to HR Manager or General Manager if any unusual activities happened around the hotel premise.
  • Controlling systematic monitoring of CCTV.
  • To "walk the Hotel," and ensure all outsource security guards are at their designated posts performing their assigned duties.
  • Check the daily security report log book and submit to General Manager or HR Manager and attend the daily morning briefing with hotel management.
  • Conduct pre-shift briefing to the Security Shift Leader and security guards.
  • Make regular check to ensure that emergency aids such as fire extinguisher, emergency lights are in working order.
  • Recommends changes in hotel operation procedures and equipment to reflect better security or protective methods.
  • Liaises with Department Head on employee behavior and security measures.
  • Establish procedures and conduct special investigations and surveillance in such as internal and external thefts.
  • Deals personally with guests and employees concerning loss, damage and accidents incurred and disputes which arise.
  • Investigate the reported cases and makes recommends actions on settlement to aggrieved individuals.
  • Receives and replies to correspondence pertaining to these loses and accidents.
  • Periodically inspects all hotel areas for security violations.
  • Prepare procedures warrants against employees or guests defrauding hotel, or theft of property.
  • Liaises with local polices, body guard on matters of gambling theft, special security requirements for unusual events, and functions.
  • Plans and organizes hotel security activities.
  • Inspects and evaluates hotel security activities to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures.
  • Plans and establishes a function on the job training program for hotel security personnel. Evaluates the effectiveness of training by observations of work performance and written or oral examinations. Establishes and maintains a working relationship with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Supervises the installation, maintenance, and operation of security devices where approved by the hotel management.
  • Selecting, testing, operating and maintaining appropriate security devices. Maintain all record of these activities.
  • Conduct continual surveys of all offices to determine the need for additional security services and make corresponding recommendations to the hotel management.
  • To conduct regular rounds of the Hotel/building by checking all record-books to monitor movements of car park guards and Security officers that they are regular and diligent.
  • To monitor all activities in public areas to ensure adequate security coverage is maintained.
  • To be alert and to report as well as record in the log book, unwanted/suspicious character, or unusual occurrence such; as incidents, or situations that may pose danger, or trouble to the Hotel/building, guests, or employees.
  • To ensure that the Timekeeper scrutinize and exercises control over staff as well as unknown persons entering, or leaving the Hotel.
  • To administer or arrange first Aid treatment in case accident occurred in Hotel premises.
  • To ensure there are at least 1 Security Officer in attendance of a group checking in and out.
  • To be fully familiar with Security Policies and Procedure, Job Description and the employee's handbook.
  • To be fully familiar with the handling of a fire alarm situation and be able to operate the various commands of the Control Room.
  • To ensure all guards on duty are well groomed (with clean shoes and uniform).
  • To be constantly alert for security or safety breach detrimental to the Hotel.
  • To keep Personal Grooming at the highest standard and make sure that subordinates have the same.

Contact Person: Mr. SAO Sarin, Human Resources Manager

Phone: +855 34 935 999/+855 97 5 616133/ +855 93 521 678


Address: Street 2 Thnou, Sihanouk Ville, Kingdom of Cambodia.